Mauritius UPCOMING REPORT Africa’s bastion of stability and innovation sees lush regrowth of its economy by embracing industry 4.0 and becoming a choice destination for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a new residence. READ MORE Malta welcomes digital nomads FEATURED READ MORE A newly launched Nomad Residence Permit makes it easy to feel at home in the heart of the Mediterranean Live & Work Series It is high times for digital nomads and individual investors seeking new places of residence and citizenship. Join us as we take a look at some of the most exciting and enticing options to live and work today. The world is indeed your oyster. Greece UPCOMING REPORT READ MORE Join us in learning why thousands of talented professionals, entrepreneurs and pensioners are choosing Greece as their new home. Bermuda LATEST PUBLICATION READ MORE Once known as the risk capital of the world, Bermuda gears up to relaunch its tourism sector and builds its future-proof economy through the convergence of tech and financial services. Antigua & Barbuda JUST PUBLISHED READ THE REPORT The twin-island paradise woos families to its shores and investors to its globally competitive citizenship by investment program Newsweek:
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Creating a bridge between the industry and policymakers Live and Work Series talk to Mr. Bruno Lecuyer, the CEO & Member of the Governing Board of Investment Migration Council READ THE INTERVIEW Surge in remote working fuels new migration Latest Trends READ THE ARTICLE

Live and Work Series

by Country Reports

In the last decade Citizenship by Investment programs have leveled the playing field for investors who may have had restricted access to certain markets and gateway countries. On the flipside, these programs have provided significant inflows of foreign investment to their host countries and helped spur local economic growth.

Our “Live and Work” series takes a closer look at the most successful Citizen by Investment programs and explores the latest phenomenon: global talent migration. In the post-covid world, corporate structures have become more flexible than ever and business has moved online. Professionals today are able to choose their country of residence irrespective of where their employer is based. Remote working has become a fundamental pillar of the new economic paradigm.

Country Reports launches its curated series, “Live and Work” produced in partnership with Newsweek. The compelling reports will analyze how different countries are positioning themselves to attract both investment and talent. The series will be published across digital and print platforms reaching an audience of over 95 million around the world.

Latest Trends

Malta welcomes digital nomads

With millions of people on the move worldwide and the increasingly popular trend to work remotely, Malta has become the latest country to acknowledge this global development and launch a Nomad Residence Permit to attract third-country nationals to its shores.

Kieron Sharp, CEO, FACT, underlines the importance of enhanced due diligence for any investment migration programme

Investment migration programmes provide individuals all around the globe with the opportunity to acquire additional citizenship or residency in another country. Combining extensive experience in global investigations with a vast network of contacts in numerous countries, FACT is a specialist when it comes to due diligence in citizenship-by-investment or residency-by-investment programmes.

10 questions to ask yourself when choosing where to live

With dozens of residency by investment programs on offer around the globe, it’s never been easier to up sticks and move to another country. But where? Here are a few of the things to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

Special Feature for Newsweek

Country Reports’ special Live and Work Series will provide exclusive insights, analysis and fresh perspectives on these topics, based on our team’s exclusive exchanges with top political and business leaders.


Distributed exclusively on reaching a vast readership of 45 million, our special feature will be promoted both through a banner placed on Newsweek’s homepage for a week, and a full-page article inserted in Newsweek’s international print edition ensuring large visibility and awareness for the reader. TheLive and Work Series will also be hosted in the Newsweek library ( for two full years.

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