Global Residency and Citizenship

by Investment Guide

What key underlying factors can explain the surge in citizenship inquiries and applications witnessed throughout 2020? What are the hottest opportunities in investment migration today? Which source markets are currently the most vibrant? How are transparency and due diligence being brought to the fore as best practices and standards continue to be implemented? What are the distinguishing value propositions of different jurisdictions? What destinations are better suited for entrepreneurs or for families? How are different real estate markets reacting to the latest trends in investment migration?



These are some of the questions that we aim to answer in the Fall 2021 publication of the Live and Work special, Global Residency and Citizenship by Investment Guide.


In the post-covid world, corporate structures have become more flexible than ever before and business has moved predominantly online. Opportunities for international business abound for those who move quickly.


Join us as we explore the evolution of investment migration and inform international investors on the spectrum of destinations in which to invest and reside. The Live and Work special will be published on reaching an audience of over 95 million around the world.

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