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  • With dozens of residency by investment programs on offer around the globe, it’s never been easier to up sticks and move to another country. But where? According to InterNations’ annual survey of expat

  • 2020 has demonstrated that, technically, many of us could easily up sticks for a year or so and do our jobs from pretty much anywhere on the planet. Until recently, however, the legality of doing this

  • Bruno L’ecuyer, CEO, Investment Migration Council, notices how the world of business is changing, with entrepreneurs becoming much more mobile than in the past

  • COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. When the pandemic hit, governments across the world asked us to work from home where possible in order to protect health systems and economies. Those who

  • 2020’s pandemic is driving a surge in people applying to global Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs), according to Paddy Blewer, director at citizenship advisor Henley & Partners. In August,