Live and Work in Mauritius

Africa’s bastion of stability and innovation sees lush regrowth of its economy by embracing industry 4.0 and attracting new business and capital to its shores.

Mauritius’ diversified, and highly competitive economy is an FDi success story, boasting some of the highest inflow rates in Africa. Economic growth has been constant since 2017 barring the expected dive in 2020. Mauritius leapt back into the positive in 2021 and economists are estimating 7.1 percent average annual growth between now and 2024. It’s blue skies as far as the economy is concerned, and the country is eager to sail.
To speed up regrowth and development, Mauritius is betting on innovation and technology, applied to its industrial sector as well as its well-established financial services industry. Mauritius is a competitive global hub for finance and a gateway to investment in Africa. The financial services sector currently makes up 13 percent of the nation’s GDP but is expected to rise in economic importance with the growth of its local fintech and BPO ecosystem. Services and tourism remain a crucial part of the economy with tourism accounting for 24 percent of its gross domestic product and 22 percent of employment. Industrial development has long been supported by foreign direct investment.

Top of Global Innovation Index 2021 in Africa


percent GDP growth rate Q2 of 2021


% renewable target by 2025


% fibre coverage since 2017

  • Louis Steven Obeegadoo, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning, Mauritius, saw a tourism sector greatly affected that is now on its way back to full strength.

  • Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Mauritius’ Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, discusses new financial products in the pipeline that will keep Mauritius up to date with the quickly changing investment landscape

  • Georges Pierre Lesjongard, Mauritius’ Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, reveals how the pandemic unveiled the country’s capacity to produce renewable energy

  • Deepak Balgobin, Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mauritius speaks of the great investments Mauritius is making in its youth to become a leader in technology.

  • Arvind Bundhun, Director, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Agency (MTPA), speaks about an island nation well placed for the next vector in global growth.

  • Dr. Kaviraj Sharma Sukon, Director-General, Open University of Mauritius, explains the institution's flexible and progressive model

  • Theesan Bahorun, Executive Director, Mauritius Research and Innovation Council, speaks of the exceptional measures currently being taken to promote innovation in Mauritius.

  • Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner of Juristconsult Chambers, discusses the rumblings of cryptocurrency investments in Mauritius and the many motives for increasing investor confidence

  • Oomeshwar Sewtohul, Acting Director, Energy Efficiency Management Office, talks about the multi-pronged approach to making green energy a priority

  • Kabir Ruhee, CEO, Rogers Capital, speaks about market consolidation and how grey listing was a blessing

  • Arnaud Lagesse, Group CEO of IBL Ltd, discusses the fruits of the company’s merger

  • Vik Sonatun, General Manager, Apollo Blake, talks about the availability of BPO work from across the globe and strategies to attract it

  • Mreedula Mungra, CEO, Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA), speaks about the sustainable and innovative methods being deployed to shore up Mauritius’ energy reliability.

  • Jyoti Jeetun, CEO, Compagnie de Mont Choisy Limitée, shows how development in Mauritius is adapting for a new, post-pandemic world.

  • Manon Thamothiram, Managing Director, JTC Group Mauritius, the person on the ground for this world-famous financial services company, explains how well-positioned Mauritius is for future growth.

  • Jimmy Wong Yuen Tien, CEO, DTOS Group, speaks to Mauritius’ unique advantages as it positions itself to be a leading finance hub in Africa.

  • Dhanesswurnath Thakoor, CEO, Financial Services Commission (FSC), explains why the financial services industry will play an increasingly important role in Mauritius’ economy as the economy continues to develop.

  • Ken Arian, CEO, Airport Holdings Ltd, explains what Mauritius is doing to ready itself for the rise of international travel that will be inevitable in the coming years as the pandemic recedes.

  • Jean Donat, General Manager, Central Electricity Board (CEB), has helped steer innumerable improvements to power connectivity throughout the country, ensuring it’s on safe ground as it continues to grow.

  • Jean-Pierre Dalais, Chief Executive, provides insights into CIEL’s diversified portfolio and highlights Mauritius’ inherent entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Philippe de Beer, Founder and CEO, Park Lane Properties, has, in just a few short years, worked to create one of the finer property brokers in the country, one that wants to spread the destination’s appeal abroad.

  • Joel Bruneau, Managing Director, Medine Property, is leading the charge to build a smart city in Mauritius that will show a path to the future.

  • Ken Poonoosamy, CEO, Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius, reveals why the island nation is ahead of the competition in diverse future-focused industries.   

  • Ravin Dajee, Managing Director, Absa Bank Mauritius, describes how one of Africa’s biggest diversified financial services groups is adding value for clients by focusing on innovative solutions and corporate responsibility.

  • Ravin Lama, President, American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Mauritius, provides an insider’s view on the island nation’s business environment and the opportunities it presents for international investors.