Live and Work in Mauritius

Africa’s bastion of stability and innovation sees lush regrowth of its economy by embracing industry 4.0 and attracting new business and capital to its shores.

Mauritius’ diversified, and highly competitive economy is an FDi success story, boasting some of the highest inflow rates in Africa. Economic growth has been constant since 2017 barring the expected dive in 2020. Mauritius leapt back into the positive in 2021 and economists are estimating 7.1 percent average annual growth between now and 2024. It’s blue skies as far as the economy is concerned, and the country is eager to sail.
To speed up regrowth and development, Mauritius is betting on innovation and technology, applied to its industrial sector as well as its well-established financial services industry. Mauritius is a competitive global hub for finance and a gateway to investment in Africa. The financial services sector currently makes up 13 percent of the nation’s GDP but is expected to rise in economic importance with the growth of its local fintech and BPO ecosystem. Services and tourism remain a crucial part of the economy with tourism accounting for 24 percent of its gross domestic product and 22 percent of employment. Industrial development has long been supported by foreign direct investment.

Top of Global Innovation Index 2021 in Africa


percent GDP growth rate Q2 of 2021


% renewable target by 2025


% fibre coverage since 2017