Live and Work in Greece

Greece rose from the ashes of its debt crisis to eventually become one of Europe’s hottest investment destinations in the second half of 2019. Less than a year later, Covid-19 struck and created a massive challenge for a country that relies so heavily on tourism. However, thanks to smart and responsible management, Greece once again turned the tide. While doing so, it has positioned itself as a top destination for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and pensioners seeking a culturally rich, well-connected and affordable new place of residence. 

To the point: hottest sectors for Live and Work

Health and Wellness Tourism

Greece’s scenery and near-perfect climate are complemented by a low cost of living and high quality of life.

These factors, alongside its world-class medical infrastructure and top facilities, are contributing to Greece’s emergence as a premier destination for health and wellness tourists. Boasting internationally sought-after medical specialists, Greece is attracting patients for procedures from all over the world.

Applying the latest technologies, procedures popular with visitors include plastic surgery, in-vitro fertilization, hair implants, ophthalmology, dentistry and renal dialysis.

Partnering with hotels and luxury spas, clinics and hospitals are ensuring that medical tourists enjoy their post-treatment care and recovery in pure bliss next to shimmering beaches and panoramic vistas.


Greece’s tech revolution is well underway, with Greek startups raising €455 million in capital in 2020. This 71% year-on-year increase from 2019, also saw over 2,000 tech jobs created in a year. Industry insiders are predicting the emergence of Athens as a South European tech hub, with Greece’s high percentage of STEM graduates contributing to growth in the coming years. The tech talent in Athens can match those of existing hubs like London and Stockholm but at a fraction of the cost. The appeal of the lifestyle benefits of Greece may also see Greek diaspora tech-experts and foreign talent choose Athens as the place to operate from. The European Investment Fund will pump a further €400 million into the Greek tech scene in the coming years, which may see the economic recovery accelerated through innovative start-ups and dynamic tech-founders.

Real Estate

Greece’s real estate market has remained strong during the pandemic, and demand across the board has been aided by the Bank of Greece’s measured approach to the economic fallout. As Greece looks toward its post-pandemic economic recovery, the government’s amicable reforms in property transfer red-tape and tax breaks, bode well for real estate investors. Through its golden visa program, foreign investors can secure residency by investment in the property market. This program awards investors EU residency through a minimum investment of €250,000. Special tax breaks for digital nomads and self-employed expats will also attract valuable capital to the market. Through Greece 2.0., the government envisions a competitive economy and attractive business environment. The real estate market will draw strong yields from this pro-business, pro-investor strategy.  


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